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The amazing Niagara Falls

There are a few suggestive places in the world that confront you with the vastness and beauty of nature. One of them is certainly the Niagara Falls. Located north-east of North America – between the USA and Canada – they are among the most famous water jumps in the world due to their water flow, although they are not particularly high (only 52m).

Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the globe, certainly to be included in the list of things to see at least once in a lifetime. The vastness, scenic beauty and fame make Niagara Falls a true wonder. For this reason, in our Travel Tips column today we want to dedicate a special mention to them, discovering together how to reach them and what to do to appreciate them in all their splendor.

How to get to Niagara Falls

As anticipated, the Niagara Falls are located in a really strategic position, halfway between the United States and Canada, ideal for those who organize a tour in these two countries and do not want them. The closer cities are Buffalo in the USA and St. Catharines in Canada. Not too far away from this attraction we can also find Toronto (about 130 km away) and New York (about 650 km away also by bus). Since it is a super popular destination, there are many organized tours to visit them and it will not be difficult to organize a visit there: you can take a boat tour (for the more daring who are not afraid of getting wet) or an official tour. The best known is the Hornblower Niagara Cruises, which starts from the Canadian area called Clifton Hills.

What to see at Niagara Falls

Contrariamente a quanto si pensi, in realtà le cascate sono tre e prendono il nome comune dal fiume che le origina, ovvero il fiume Niagara. I tre maestosi salti d’acqua sono chiamati Horseshoe Falls, American Falls e Bridal Veil Fall ed i particolari nomi sono dovuti proprio all’aspetto delle location: le Horseshoe (“ferro di cavallo” per la loro forma a U) sono le più potenti, mentre Bridal Veil (“velo da sposa”, così come appaiono se osservate dal basso) sono le più piccole. Oltre alle cascate però, un’altra bellissima attrazione circostante sono le isole. Pur essendo piccole e disabitate, vale la pena visitare alcune di loro, come le suggestive Goat Island, Three Sisters Island e Luna Island per godere di un diverso ed altrettanto spettacolare punto di vista sulle Niagara Falls.

L’unica prerogativa per visitare questo meraviglioso sito dunque, è essere ben coperti, sia in estate sia in inverno con indumenti termici e impermeabili.

Follow these useful tips and prepare the next trip to the wonderful Niagara Falls!

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