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Ethical and eco-sustainable clothing online

ProtoXtype makes eco-sustainable and ethical clothing. ProtoXtype eco-sustainable clothes have been conceived and designed for travelers and for those who love being outdoors, but who at the same time want ethical and eco-sustainable clothing.  Eco-sustainable CLOTHING online The ideal users of ProtoXtype eco-sustainable clothing are those who never stop in the same place, curious people and always looking for new adventures ; people who need eco-sustainable clothes and high-performance accessories , which take them everywhere without absorbing unpleasant odors, are comfortable and easy to pack but at the same time safeguard nature. We have tested our eco-sustainable clothing on our skin: 10 items, which conveniently contained in our trolley, allow you to travel from the Equator to the North Pole, all in less than 10 kg of weight. Our clothes and accessories are simple , distinctive , and boast great performance being very light : our super warm down jacket weighs only 380 grams. All our eco-sustainable clothes dress the body leaving it free in its movements: this thanks to their special shapes, born from three-dimensional patterns that allow and guarantee comfort and comfort to the body. About ProtoXtype .com you can find eco-sustainable clothing online: visit the shop and choose the garment that best meets your needs.


The ProtoXtype production range is very wide: in our online shop you can find:
  • bamboo t-shirt for both men and women
  • shirts in organic cotton and bamboo for both men and women
  • organic cotton jeans for men and women
  • women’s tops in bamboo and organic cotton
  • women’s leggings in organic cotton
  • women’s clothes in bamboo
  • organic cotton underwear
  • windproof, waterproof, breathable and super-performing sports jackets
  • organic cotton sweatshirts
  • accessories such as trolleys, backpacks, computer bags, wallets
  • our adventure backpack
and more.

Eco-sustainable clothing: raw materials

Our attention to detail is evident not only in the design of our garments and accessories, designed for all the traveler’s needs, but also in the selection of raw materials. All the textile fibers and components used in our collection are free from harmful or polluting substances: this is why we are talking about eco-sustainable clothing. Many of the fabrics used are 100% biodegradable and all have been produced and processed in respect for the environment . Furthermore, all the materials selected by us are highly performing, and have unique characteristics, which make them suitable for wearing even in the most extreme temperatures. These fabrics are hypoallergenic , antibacterial , breathable and absorb sweat and moisture without absorbing any odors. The fabric used in the production of the accessories is water repellent and, combined with the waterproof zips , makes it an ideal travel companion in any circumstance.

Attention to the environment

Once again in full respect for our Planet and in an attempt to reduce waste as much as possible, we have eliminated all unnecessary packaging : there are no plastic bags or tags or labels. All garments are contained in practical fabric bags, which can be easily reused during your travels. In addition, all the information on the composition or on the washing instructions have been applied inside the product thanks to the use of advanced bonding technology . We believe that the freedom and comfort of the traveler are compatible with the attention to the environmental impact that every company has on the planet. ProtoXtype gives an answer and a solution to this dilemma, with its comfortable design garments and materials produced and selected with respect for the environment.


Silvana Fontana
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Excellent comfort, gritty look, excellent quality! Just wear PROTOXTYPE once and never leave it !!.
Lara Serturini @LaraSerturini
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ProtoXtype is truly a new way of conceiving travel clothing and accessories is comfortable pleasant durable essential and ecological !! I recommend it to everybody !!
Vincenzo Zuccaro
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I had the chance to get to know ProtoXtype and to wear its masterpieces. In addition to the exceptional characteristics of its materials there is the effectiveness and their resistance, all enclosed in a unique packaging managed by a team of fantastic staff. Over the years my garments are intact and wearing them is always a pleasure! Easy .... ProtoXtype!
Silvana Piana
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For those who want to dress in fashion and at the same time comfortable, there is nothing better than the innovation of the Protoxtype line. The products have an exceptional fit. They protect from cold and heat. Very easy to handle.
Claudia Borinelli
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Exceptional fabrics and top wearability !!! I recommend it to anyone who wants to be comfortable and at the same time performing !!!! you will never leave the Protoxtipe brand anymore !!!!!
Monica Alvarez@monicascopp
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Exclusive, fashionable, eco-sustainable and natural products. Colors chosen with care, design and innovative materials. New showroom and shop in Besazio, Ticino; kind and competent staff. They take care of their products and their customers with a lot of passion and a lot of love. The top
Luisa Quadrivi@luisa.quadrivi
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I bought ProtoXtype products and found them excellent innovative materials all in 3D soft breathable very comfortable even my children are enthusiastic about them.I will definitely recommend them.
Simona Villa@simona.villa.10
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I bought clothes for me and my husband. Products of absolute quality and great wearability. For those who travel a lot and have to cram several items in a small space, they are perfect and do not get worn out, always ready for use. A choice that I highly recommend.

Ethical and eco-sustainable clothing: Collections and Accessories

Discover our ethical and eco-sustainable clothing lines in organic cotton, bamboo and silk. Perfect for any season.

The ideal clothing for outdoor activities but always ethical and eco-sustainable!

Light, breathable, natural ethical and eco-sustainable garments

ProtoXtype garments are mainly designed for dynamic people who are always on the move but with an eye to the environment and eco-sustainability.

News and curiosities

Many curiosities related to the ProtoXtype world but not only. Travel stories, useful tips on ethical and eco-sustainable clothing, news and much more from our precious planet! < / p>