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What is outdoor clothing?

Outdoor bekleidung

Outdoor Clothing

When talking about sports and travel, we often talk about outdoor clothing: not only its technical characteristics and functionality, but also the contexts in which it is used, which can be the most diverse.

One can list as outdoor activities, all those experiences that take place in open spaces, often in contact with nature, that stimulate the sense of adventure.

Being outdoors has many health benefits and improves one’s quality of life, relieving stress: in addition to walking, outdoor activities include jogging, trekking, climbing, skiing, beach volleyball, swimming, mountain biking, boat… Basically, there are so many activities that can be done outdoors!

Outdoor clothing allows you to enjoy all these activities communing with nature without any discomfort, thanks to their technical characteristics and materials. In fact, outdoor garments allow the people who wear them to face routes, activities, trips and sports surrounded by nature without suffering from humidity, rain, cold and wind, or in any case limiting the impact of any weather discomfort that may occur, while facilitating the body’s motoric functioning.

Outdoor clothing therefore acts as a protective shell for the wearer.

An example of this is our Windproof Outdoor Jacket, which in addition to being waterproof and windproof, has reflective strips, which allow the wearer to be spotted even in the dark, and numerous outer pockets, which are also waterproof.

ProtoXtype’s Windproof Outdoor Jacket is a perfect example of outdoor clothing: if worn over a lightweight jersey, it can be suitable for summer outdoor excursions in the rain and as protection from the wind, while if a down jacket is worn underneath, it can also be worn in the middle of winter.

Other typical characteristics of outdoor clothing are lightness and quick drying, the latter being more typical of synthetic materials such as polypropylene. And our outdoor leggings and thermal sweatshirts are made of fleecy polypropylene: this material keeps the body warm, keeps the skin dry despite perspiration, and dries very quickly. Also ideal under jumpers and sweatshirts to keep you even warmer during your coldest and most adventurous outings!

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