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Our History

storia protoxtype

from 1976 to 2004

Gianfranco Reggiani produced his first outdoor line when he was 20 years old: it was mainly backpacks, tents and sleeping bags for mountains and trekking. In that same period, he designed the first down jacket for high mountains with reinforcements and double-padded inner tubes for the harshest climates. In 1976 he founded the first brand – TecnoAlp – and in 1983 he opened STD Reggiani: a company capable of managing all the services associated with technical clothing and sporty: from design to paper patterns and prototypes.

From that moment on, our services have been requested by the most famous outdoor and technical clothing companies. We have also designed special machinery for heat sealing clothing and footwear.

protoxtype storia 02 History

Fascinated by China’s capabilities and development possibilities, in 1994 we founded our joint venture in Nantong, near Shanghai. In 2004, Heshan STD Garment Manufacturing Co. LTD was inaugurated in Heshan, in southern China, where the main investment is still the research and development of new technologies applied to clothing.

from 2012 to Today

ProtoXtype was born in 2012, from the mind of a man who has traveled all his life and continues to do so today. During his experiences of him, Gianfranco Reggiani understood not only the need to create an eco-sustainable brand , but also the importance of producing garments that were designed for travelers , in the spirit of practicality, sustainability and comfort. In 1976 Gianfranco Reggiani was a climber and speleologist who, with his skills as a designer, began to produce extremely technical jackets suitable for all his undertakings.

In 2012, after years of travel and exploration around the world, consistently with his life experiences, he decided to create a brand for the traveller, designing garments that went meeting the needs of those who, like him, have never stopped and have no intention of doing so now.

Understanding the beauty of our Planet and the fragility of its ecosystem, ProtoXtype was not only born as a brand for travellers, but also as a sustainable and environmentally friendly brand: all materials used are organic, non-polluting, to support the eco system. From this synergy between the traveler and eco sustainability the ProtoXtype brand was born, eco-sustainable clothing online


We will never stop believing in what we are doing and we will never stop extending our ranks by adding human resources who love their work and do it with enthusiasm: we believe that this is the right way to write new pages to our story.

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