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How to make your clothes last longer

Respecting the environment and living in a sustainable way does not only mean using natural and eco-friendly products. Each of us can practice some simple behaviors to help reduce our impact on the environment. With some simple tricks we can for example increase the lifespan of our clothing, so that they last longer and look like new every time you wear them.

Here are some tips to make your clothes last longer.

  1. Washing Washing clothes properly is not just about separating whites from colors. First of all, it is essential to follow the instructions on the garment label, most importantly temperature and washing method. Dark or printed garments should be turned inside out before putting them in the washing machine, to avoid rubbing of the fabric which could lead to a less vivid fabric color or ruin the print. Remember to close the zippers to prevent them from getting caught in other clothes during the washing and ruining them. For delicate garments, it is important to wash the same colors together, in cold water and with a mild detergent. For drying it is better to avoid the dryer and use the classic drying rack. Finally, avoid washing clothes too often: washing and using detergents leads to slow wear off the fabrics, reducing their duration.
  2. Ironing The excessive heat caused by the iron can damage the fibers of the fabrics: for this reason, it is recommended not to use the iron at maximum temperature. A good habit would then be to use a protective piece of fabric to avoid unintentionally damaging the garments during ironing. Another tip is to be delicate while ironing: the fibers tend to stretch, creating (especially in certain types of fabrics) deformations.
  3. Protect your clothes Another important aspect to increase the lifespan of your garments is their protection. Before storing your clothes in the closet (or suitcase) make sure they are folded well, especially the shirts, to avoid creating wrinkles. Avoid hanging your t-shirts in the closet: cotton tends to stretch over time, deforming your clothes. Better to fold them delicately and place them on a shelf trying not to create too high piles.

These are some simple steps we can all take to extend the life of our garments.

Remember that respecting the environment also means consume fewer resources and take care what we have.

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