Fashion and sustainability: our values

Fashion and sustainability. Sustainability and fashion.
If once they were two polar opposite concepts, today one cannot be separated from the other. The whole fashion system, today more than ever, is called upon to undertake a new production chain that is not only beautiful, but also good, in order to protect the environment and the customer.

Consumers are in fact increasingly attentive and demanding towards the product that must respect and embody a whole series of values in which it is essential to reflect: quality, beauty, practicality and attention to the environment.

But why is it so important to talk about sustainable fashion and how to distinguish the theory from the practice of the true green economy?

Talking about sustainable fashion does not mean making sustainable fashion.

In fact, the green approach starts from the supply chain, from the choice of raw materials, from the study and measurement of the environmental impact of that single product on our planet Earth. In fact, there are numerous steps for a product to be defined as eco-sustainable.

Eco-sustainable fashion represents a new approach to design where ethics conforms to the discourse of fashion, becoming its spokesperson.

So making sustainability your mission and your brand Value, this is what we at ProtoxType do every day.

Our collections are born with the intention of creating simple, distinctive garments and beautiful that boast great performance over time. All our garments are created with a single intent: to create the right comfy and green look that marries sustainable values. In fact, all our products boast the following certifications :

  1. OEKO TEX , the only control standard in the textile sector. With this certification it is possible to identify which products do not contain harmful substances and therefore suitable for use in complete safety by consumers. Tests are carried out on any harmful substances, including:
    1. Substances prohibited by law;
    2. Substances whose use is regulated by law;
    3. Chemicals that are harmful to health (even if not regulated by law)
  2. GOTS , the only international standard used for the certification of natural fibers. This certification includes various environmental and social criteria, including:
    1. Ban on the use of toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic solvents, functional nano particles, GMOs and other enzymes
    2. Ban on the use of chlorine-based bleaches
    3. Ban on the use of azo dyes
    4. Prohibition of contamination of the soil, groundwater and the atmosphere
    5. All operators must comply with an environmental protection policy with precise objectives and procedures aimed at minimizing consumption and discharges
    6. The waste water from all wet processing units must be treated through a functional water treatment plant
    7. Prohibition of forced labor
    8. Health and safety in the workplace

Sustainable fashion. Beautiful and good clothes. Values to be married every day.
This is what the increasingly attentive and demanding customer asks for and it is what we at ProtoXtype want to give with our contemporary and versatile collections.

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