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The perfect camping clothing

With the arrival of summer, the desire to be outdoors becomes stronger and stronger. Nature becomes almost a call to disconnect from the chaos of the city and find your own peace surrounded by greenery. Spending a nice weekend camping becomes a real escape from the city. Walks in the mountains, boat trips or trips to the lake, the campsite is the ideal holiday solution to switch off on a budget. Before being already on a trip, however, it is essential to have the right equipment and the right clothing to be able to live this experience to the fullest.

So let’s find out what the perfect camping clothing can be.

We obviously start from the primary accessory, the backpack. Large, capacious and above all resistant. Capable of battling the elements or surviving long walks, just like the ProtoXtype backpacks, whose anti-cut and water-repellent fabric ensures the protection of all the primary goods you will carry with you. To be chosen in the maxi version, for long periods, or mini for short breaks.

Moving on to clothing, another important choice when preparing your suitcase for camping is to opt for comfortable and practical items, suitable for any picnic or sporting activity. Let’s start with pants made of breathable fabric, suitable for every movement and preferably multi-pockets to hold all the essentials. We then move on to t-shirt, even the latter must necessarily be breathable, made with organic fabrics and natural fibers.

Another unmissable item of camping luggage are jackets, both for lui which for her. Whether it’s summer or winter, the camping jacket is essential, both to shelter from cold or sudden rains, and to protect yourself from any insects.

Furthermore, the ProtoXtype jackets, in addition to being 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly, have the characteristic of maintaining the body temperature unchanged, allowing you to feel at ease at all times.

In short, the general rules for perfect camping clothing are a lot of practicality, a lot of comfort and a lot of desire for adventure.

ProtoXtype takes care of the rest!

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