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The most beautiful lakes in Switzerland

If you are looking for a travel destination that can give you a sense of calm and total relax, then this article will be very useful. Today we want to tell you about the most famous lakes in Switzerland. Cristal clear waters, unspoiled nature, fresh air: all this will allow you to have a perfect and relaxed holiday.

1. Walensee

The Walensee is considered the largest lake in Switzerland. It is located in the western regione, called “Heidiland”, famous for having inspired the writer Johanna Spyri for her stories about little Heidi.

Near the lake it is possible to visit Heididorf, the village entirely dedicated to Heidi, where you can admire extensive flowery landscapes and breathtaking views.

In addition, Lake Walensee is the ideal place for numerous outdoor activities and for trekking. In fact, there are numerous paths that characterize this enchanting place, among which the most popular is the path that winds its way from Weesen to Walenstadt.

2. Lago di Thun

Lake Thun can also be definitely included among the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland. By choosing this destination, you can enjoy the numerous architectural and natural beauties that characterize the landscape.

Lake Thun is entirely surrounded by majestic mountains, pretty landscapes and tourist attractions. The city of Thun is one of these and offers tourists a majestic castle and a spectacular medieval old town.

3. Lago dei Quattro Cantoni

The Lake of the Four Cantons is also called Lake Lucerne and owes its name to the four surrounding cantons: Uri, Unterwalden, Schwyz and Lucerne.Whether it’s summer, autumn, spring or winter, the advice is to get on a boat and fully enjoy the wonder of the landscapes that surround it. A romantic and surreal atmosphere, similar to the one of the Norwegian fjords, will accompany you all the time.

lago di lucerna svizzera The most beautiful lakes in Switzerland

4. Lago di Zurigo

The lake of Zurich is a popular destination for tourists who travel to Switzerland or decide to visit it for the first time.

Also around the Lake of Zurich it is possible to venture on excursions, in the famous water park and the Lindt chocolate factory. And if the excursions are not to your liking, you may be interested in a relaxing swim in the waters of the lake.

From an architectural point of view, in addition to the indisputable beauty of Zurich, it is possible to visit picturesque villages such as Rapperswil or the island of Ufenau. The Rapperswil village is home to a medieval castle and it has 600 varieties of roses in the public gardens.

Switzerland as a tourist destination never disappoints

Whether you are a frequent tourist in Switzerland or are planning to visit it for the first time, then you should consider our article on the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland. Walking through the woods, incredible mountain scenery, enchanted lakes, fresh and healthy air: if you love to immerse yourself in nature then Switzerland is the right choice for you. In addition, the cultural aspect is also very lively as Switzerland is recognized as a multicultural country. If, on the other hand, you are still considering whether to visit it in summer, winter, spring or autumn, then you should know that there is no specific period in which it is recommended to visit it. In winter, the snow-capped mountains will fascinate you, in summer or spring, however, you can admire the bright colors of the blossoming nature and the crystal clear waters of the lakes, where you can indulge in long swims. In autumn you can instead choose to take walks or excursions through the woods, that in this season have wonderful colors.

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