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Convenience For Protoxtype

Comodità-2 Convenience

Today we talk about how a garment is created: it is a fascinating and complex process, mainly creative but also technical, which sometimes leads to the development of something different from what was initially planned.

At the beginning there is an idea, which is usually just sketched out on paper or digitally, with a sense of the fit that you would like to give to the final garment.

Comodità-1 abbigliamento da barca Abbigliamento outdoor - otdoor clothing - outdoor bekleidumg

From this sketch, we move on to a more precise technical drawing, full of details such as pockets and customizations. From here you can finally create the pattern.

But what is a pattern? It is a shape on paper, a panel: the sketch is divided into these panels, that gathered all together make the final garment.

For ProtoXtype, the garment is designed by adding the side panels on the sides, under the armpits and on the crotch: these panels are used to give the garment a three-dimensional wearability, together with more comfort and practicality.

We all know that each of us has different bodies, nobody is perfectly symmetrical, let alone flat, or identical to each other: this three-dimensionality allows the garments to be more comfortable and adapt better to the body of each of us.

The panels of the paper pattern will then be positioned on the fabric, which will be cut, leaving the appropriate sewing space. At this point, once the panels have been cut, you can move on to sewing and finishing.

At ProtoXtype, we design the garment making sure that it is suitable for any body and physique, giving the utmost importance to convenience and comfort.

This allows us to respect and enhance everyone’s body in the best way, even when we create the paper pattern.

In some parts of the body, even a few millimeters can make a difference! That’s why in all our garments we have added 3D, three-dimensionality, a fabric panel that becomes an integral part of the finished garment. This panel is added in the most critical points where the classic seams usually pass to allow maximum comfort and maximum freedom of movement.

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