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All the benefits of outdoor activities

Movement and sports have always been considered very important for our physical and mental health. This is especially true if they are practiced in contact with nature. This last year, we were force to live mostly at home, to reconsider our spaces and our limits. This situation made us appreciate even more the benefits of outdoor activities and their effects our mood. Physical activity, in fact, by increasing the production of endorphins, also promotes psycho-physical well-being, improving our mood.

According to WHO, an adult should practice physical activity for at least 150 minutes per week, with moderate intensity and with fractions of at least 10 minutes of continuous movement. Of course, it is not always possible to have this constancy, but even just 30 minutes a day, in the long run, will have their positive effects on your health. Walking outdoors, jogging, cycling, etc., all these activities help prevent and control various diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, muscle diseases and tumors.

According to WHO, an adult should practice physical activity for at least 150 minutes per week

There are so many activities that can be practiced outside home but, to get in line and start with good intentions even a brisk walk or alternating slow and fast walking, can be a good way to awaken the metabolism and burn calories, feeling good about yourself.

A myth that must be dispelled is that outdoor activities are only for spring or summer periods, when the weather is warmer. With the right equipment, every moment can be good to train, keep fit and regain strength.

During winter or rainy days, for example, the best ally is the ProtoXtype thermal jacket: hypoallergenic, stain and odor resistant, it is perfect as it helps maintaining body temperature while being breathable. On warm or sunny days, on the other hand, light and breathable clothing, ideal for long walks in the mountains or for morning jogging, is the perfect companion for adventures. A t-shirt made of natural fibers such as bamboo to combine with practical leggings are the perfect choice.

During outdoor activities, regardless of the type of sport you practice, you need to take all the essentials with you, from equipment to drinks and snacks to be able to refresh yourself after some physical effort. Whether small or large, the backpack also becomes a must, an essential accessory for outdoor activities.

What is left for you to do is to pick up the right pace and enjoy all the benefits of outdoor sports!

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