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Organic cotton and bamboo t-shirt: perfect for summer

t shirt cotone organico

Are you thinking about the perfect t shirts for this summer? Our organic cotton and bamboo t-shirts are the perfect piece of clothing to pack!

Our organic cotton t-shirts are made on three-dimensional paper patterns to allow complete freedom of movement for anyone who decides to wear them. The design has been studied in all its details to ensure great practicality and comfort. The organic cotton fabric of our t-shirts makes the garment hypoallergenic, breathable, very soft on the skin and antibacterial.

On the other hand, bamboo fiber garments are among our favorites – it’s impossible not to love the silky soft feel of bamboo on your skin!
Our bamboo t-shirts are ideal to wear on long journeys, to beat the summer heat and for long walks. In short, they are perfect for any activity! The bamboo fabric makes our t-shirts hypoallergenic, antibacterial and protects the body from UV rays. Bamboo t-shirts are very soft and smooth to the touch. The bamboo fabric is also breathable and absorbent: it allows the skin to breathe, while remaining perfectly dry, keeping your body 1 to 2 degrees cooler than any other type of fabric. Perfect for hot summer weather!
Our bamboo t-shirts, like all our garments, have been built on three-dimensional patterns to allow ergonomic performance and total freedom of movement.

At ProtoXtype, we care about the needs of the traveler, but also about a careful selection of all materials, from the accessories, to the very fabric of the clothes. All the textile fibers and components we use in our garments are free from harmful or polluting substances and are certified. This is why we are talking about eco-sustainable clothing: because sustainability must be sought throughout the entire supply chain of a product, from the choice of materials to the packaging.

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