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What is eco-sustainability and why we should all know what it means

The term eco-sustainability can have different meanings, but it primarily involves that set of activities aimed at respecting the environment and the living beings that live there.

The objective of eco-sustainability is to preserve the earth’s equilibrium, aiming at a healthy consumption of resources, ensuring that future generations are not deprived of them, as the availability of such resources is not infinite.

There are many production sectors involved in the sustainable development process: food, fashion, construction, furniture and more. Through recycling and reuse practices, many companies are committed to promoting a philosophy of “smart recovery”.

Talking about eco-sustainability today takes on a very important value because it means taking a magnifying glass on what everyone’s future should be. How will we leave the planet to future generations?

We must now think about how we can act in our every-day life to preserve the resources available and not to waste them through harmful actions.

Eco-sustainability in fashion: the risks to be avoided

In the fashion industry the term eco-sustainable is often used.

Specifically, eco-sustainable fashion aims to reduce the environmental impact of the traditional fashion industry by using eco-friendly clothing and fabrics.

Nowadays this fight is being carried out by many associations, including Greenpeace, who has reported the presence of toxic substances such as alkylphenols, phthalates, chlorides, azo dyes, organic tannins and others, which are substances highly harmful to the planet’s and humans’ health. In particular, these substances are not biodegradable and cause a considerable environmental damage by accumulating in waste water.

The problems caused by the use of these toxic substances affect not only the environment around us, but also people’s health. These substances can accumulate on the skin, causing serious diseases, such as cancer. Due to the great danger that these substances represent, an European legislation has been enforced to massively limit the use of these substances, which are also responsible for altering people’s hormonal systems.


We wanted to dedicate this article to a concept which is very important for all of us and for the safeguarding of our planet. We strongly believe that the environmental problem is an issue that suggests the existence of an important duty to be observed day by day. A duty, which must be fulfilled even in the smallest and apparently trivial daily choices.

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