Not well known as a textile fiber, but extremely green and friend of nature. Let’s talk about the bamboo fiber. Bamboo is an evergreen herbaceous plant, not a tree or shrub contrary to popular belief, which grows in tropical and subtropical areas, mostly in Asia. In nature there are over 1200 species, all characterized by a particularly fast and luxuriant growth. Some of these can reach surprisingly high heights and dimensions.

In recent years, in trend with eco-chic style and design and green fashion, bamboo has increasingly become the protagonist in the fashion, design and furniture panorama. From the creation of chairs, baskets, shelves, but also bags and finally real fashion collections. Sustainable fashion has made bamboo fibers its main cornerstones. In fact, bamboo fiber is obtained from this plant, an artificial viscose of natural origin whose benefits are numerous.

Bamboo fiber is also one of the main materials that ProtoXtype uses for our sustainable and green collections.

But what are the real advantages and characteristics of bamboo?

Bamboo is a very soft textile fiber, naturally elastic and always fresh on the skin. These features make it the ideal fiber for making comfortable garments, for travel or for the city, but always attentive to both style and the environment. Bamboo is also ideal for giving life to breathable, anti-sweat and thermoregulatory fabrics: whether you are doing sports, or facing an adventurous journey thanks to our garments made with this natural fiber, you will be able to face every challenge and every climate change. The bamboo fiber also allows you to shelter from UV rays and manages to keep the average temperature below one or two degrees compared to the norm. It is also antimicrobial and antibacterial.

100% performing, adaptable to all your needs and also 100% biodegradable and eco-sustainable: its rapid growth requires about 1/3 of the amount of water needed by a cotton plant or other plants existing in nature to survive. Furthermore, unlike the cotton and hemp plant, bamboo has no natural parasites, and is therefore grown without the use of chemicals. A natural fabric with numerous performances that we at ProtoXtype love to use to create high performance and always attentive to nature fashion collections.



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