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What is circular fashion and why it is important to know its dynamics


Buy, wear and throw away: this is what many people do, following what is called the “fast fashion” model.

There is no doubt that this is the prevailing consumerist attitude among fashion consumers, but in recent times a new concept has emerged: the circular fashion of which we’re going to talk about in this new article.

The concept of circular fashion, certainly takes shape from the definition of circular economy, and indicates in the textile industry a sustainable production model that contrasts with the “fast fashion” model in which low quality clothes are mass-produced. They are those clothes that, to put it in a nutshell, we wear a few times and then throw away to buy new ones.

On the contrary, circular fashion involves the use of renewable energies, the recycling of materials in the various production cycles, leading to a considerable waste reduction. To better understand how circular fashion works, it is useful to imagine a circle in which clothes and fabrics rotate incessantly, continuing to be useful. The end result is that of promoting a sustainable, ethical and responsible fashion model.

Circular fashion and natural fabrics

Circular fashion has mainly to do with the fabrics that are used for the production of garments, which include in particular natural fabrics rather then synthetic fabrics. If you want to know why choosing to buy eco friendly clothes made from natural fabrics is highly recommended, read the next few lines. For example, if you buy garments made with synthetic fabrics, you are basically contributing to spilling microplastics into the seas and oceans, damaging our planet and its precious equilibria. However, this damage occurs both during the processing and production of the garments and during the washing phases that you, as a consumer, regularly carry out. Choosing to buy clothing made with natural fabrics instead, promotes the recycling of those fabrics and reduces the pollution of our planet. In addition, clothes made with natural materials, such as bamboo or organic cotton, are characterized by a longer durability and therefore higher quality, and offer you the possibility of not buying too many garments during the year.

Sustainable fashion, one of the things you can do to protect our Planet

According to research published on Nature Reviews Earth and Environment, the clothing industry consumes 150 billion litres of water every year, while textile waste exceeds 92 million tonnes. And this is not all. In fact, the manufacturing and dyeing processes of fabrics are responsible for 20% of industrial water pollution, while the washing of garments produced with synthetic fibres releases an enormous amount of microplastics. This is what is slowly and inexorably worsening the health conditions of our Planet.

Although the damage caused is really great and indomitable, it is good to know that each of us can and must contribute in his own small way to save the Planet. Where to start? Definitely abandon ephemeral and compulsive shopping, which is not good for us nor the Planet, and embrace a new, more responsible and healthier way of shopping. Ask yourself, whether you really need to buy something or whether that purchase is simply a consumer impulse. Purchasing is not necessarily the only solution available to get a dress for a special occasion. There are alternative and creative solutions that you might start to get used to, such as renting or borrowing from friends and family.

To be able to make that “step forward” towards new habits that perhaps seem to be too far from our routines, we should focus and dedicate ourselves to new concepts: recycling, lending, exchange, quality and not quantity. It starts with us and our way of understanding and considering what could save the future (and us).

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