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Eco-sustainability: meaning and what it is


Eco-sustainability is a concept that refers to the ability of an activity or system to be sustainable in the long term without harming the environment or consuming resources in an unsustainable way.

The goal of eco-sustainability is to maintain a balance between economic, social and environmental development, so that human activities can be sustained over time without compromising natural resources or people’s quality of life.

There are several areas where the meaning of greening matters, including agriculture, energy, transportation, construction, and industry. For example, sustainable agriculture seeks to produce food so that farmland is kept healthy in the long term, while sustainable energy focuses on using renewable energy sources and energy efficiency to reduce environmental impact .

To achieve eco-sustainability, it is often necessary to adopt innovative approaches and advanced technologies to improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of human activities. Furthermore, it is important that public policies promote greening through incentives and regulations for businesses and individuals.

Talking about eco-sustainability today takes on a very important value because it means placing a magnifying glass on what the future of all of us should be like. How will we leave the planet to future generations tomorrow?

We have to think today about how to behave in each of our daily gestures to preserve the available resources and not waste them through harmful actions.

Eco-sustainability in fashion: the risks to avoid

Also in the fashion sector the term eco-sustainable is used very often.

Specifically, eco-sustainable fashion, through the production of eco-sustainable clothing, aims to reduce the environmental impact of the traditional fashion industry, exploiting ecological fabrics for the production of clothing.

The fight is now being carried out by numerous associations, including for example Greenpeace, which has denounced the presence of toxic substances such as alkylphenols, phthalates, chlorates, azo dyes, organic stannic compounds and more, highly harmful to the health of the planet and man. In the present case, these offending substances are not biodegradable and by accumulating in waste water they cause considerable environmental damage.

The problems caused by the use of these toxic substances affect not only the environment around us, but also people’s health. In addition to this, in fact, these substances can accumulate on the skin causing serious pathologies, such as cancer. It is no coincidence that, in fact, there is European legislation in this regard which massively limits the use of these substances, as they are guilty of making changes to people’s hormonal systems.


We wanted to dedicate this article to eco-sustainability, a very important concept for all of us and for the protection of our planet, because we at ProtoXtype strongly believe that the environmental problem is a theme that suggests the existence of an important duty to observe day by day day, a duty, which must be observed even in the smallest and seemingly banal daily choices.

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