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A warm and resistant material – The polypropylene fabric

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At ProtoXtype, we treat a truly unique fabric for performance and resistance, ideal for the winter season: this fabric is polypropylene.

Polypropylene comes from plastic, but it is very easy to recycle. All ProtoXtype polypropylene is Oeko tex certified: this guarantees its sustainability, in addition to the absence of chemicals that can irritate the skin.

The polypropylene fiber is obtained from a paste, similar to clay and cannot be overdyed.

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We at ProtoXtype choose this fiber for the production of some warm garments, because the polypropylene fabric is an extremely versatile and performing fabric: it is in fact known for being particularly suitable for the production of sports and technical clothing, as well as thermal sweaters. We are talking about our wonderful 3D polypropylene women’s outdoor leggings, super soft on the skin. These wonderful leggings have multiple advantages, they are warm, hypoallergenic, do not absorb smell, water repellent, stain resistant and do not absorb liquids. For all these reasons, polypropylene is considered ideal for all types of outdoor activities! Moreover, to match with our thermal polypropylene leggings, we also have wonderful thermal polypropylene sweaters: all of them are very soft and light, but more importantly super performing. leggings in polipropilene

Another exceptional feature of this fabric is that it retains body temperature, acting like a thermal shirt: it is in fact defined as a “warm fiber”.

And if all these wonderful features aren’t enough for you: when washed, polypropylene dries quickly. 

The garments in polypropylene fabric are ideal for those who suffer from the cold, but also for the most dynamic and adventurous people!

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